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If your loan is paid via payroll deduction or other automatic deductions, the amount normally applied to your loan will be deposited into your primary savings account each pay period in the month that you are skipping. If you have any questions regarding this special offer, contact the SOCU Loan Department.

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This offer is available on all loans that have made at least six monthly payments, which are in good standing, except: Mortgage, Home Equity, Checking Line of Credit, Troubled Debt Restructured Loans and No Hassle Loans. Loans originated with 90-day first pay promotion are excluded for at least 12-months from date of loan origination.

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*All other terms and provisions of the original agreement are unchanged and remain in full effect. Interest will continue to accrue during the month you skip your payment. In some cases, based on the size of your balance, the interest which accrues may be greater than the amount of your next payment. It may take several months to begin to reduce your principle balance. Fees subject to change - refer to current fee schedule at time of execution