Transfer Your Credit Card Balance

Feb 01, 2018

Transfer your balance to your new or existing SOCU Visa Credit Card in 2017 for amazing interest rates and NO Transfer Fees! This offer is too good to pass up.

Why should I transfer my credit card Balance to my SOCU Visa Credit Card?

For our Great Rates. This is a great way to get your balance paid down at a fixed rate over a certain time period.

How do I transfer my balance?

You can transfer your balance by applying for a NEW SOCU Visa Credit Card or transfer your current balance to your existing SOCU Visa Credit Card. Simply fill out the transfer my balance form and fax it, mail it or bring it into any SOCU branch today.

Visa Balance Transfers
Low Rates Are Back!

If I have questions about my balance transfer, what do I do?

  1. Visit any of our branches to get more information on balance transfers.
  2. Talk to a Plastics Department Representative in person at our Streator Northpoint branch or call us at 815-673-5577.
  3. Loan Officers at our branches can also help you fill out balance transfer forms or answer questions.

Card Application Transfer Form Visa Platinum Perks Visa Platinum Edge

All Visa’s are subject to credit approval. Current Visa rates are as follows: Platinum Edge 13.9% APR and Platinum Perks 10.9% APR.
SOCU Visa Balance transfer promotion includes 2.99% fixed for 12 months or 6.99% fixed for 60 months from the date of the transfer. Any unpaid balance will revert back to the current purchase rate.
Members must have the transferring balance available on their SOCU Visa Credit Card at the time of transfer. They may also be eligible for balance increases for a more feasible option.