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We collected a list of frequently asked questions that we often receive at SOCU, if you do not see your question here send us a direct message.

How do I enroll in the new online banking and mobile app?
Visit our enrollment page to learn more and prepare for the mobile and online banking change.

Where can I find information on RDC (Remote Deposit Capture)?
Check out our RDC FAQ page for information about Remote Capture.

What are your branch hours for the lobby and drive-thru?
View all branch hours and more on our locations page.

How do I reset my Online Account?
You can reset your password through the Easy Reset Page.

How do I sign up for an Online Account?
You can sign up online right now!

Why am I seeing old account information when I login?
Unfortunately, your browser may have cached old information. To delete your cache, follow the instructions for your browser type.

Where is my tax refund?
We will post the direct deposit according to the effective date of transaction. Most deposit issues can be resolved by contacting the deposit issuer. If you still suspect an issue please contact our call center at 815-673-5577.

What is Streator Onized Credit Unions routing number?
Our routing number is 271989688. For deposits into checking accounts please supply the depositor your complete account number.

I have a bonus/extra direct deposit this month. What will happen?
If you have filled in a Payroll Deduction paper, please call our Call Center at 815-673-5577 to reverse multiple share transfers caused by your extra direct deposit.

Where can I find a list of Service Fees?
Our Schedule of Service Fees are updated regularly here.

Where do I find the repossessed vehicles to bid on?
We maintain a list of SOCU owned vehicles online. You can bid directly on our website.

Where do I find a list of your preferred dealers?
We maintain a list of preferred dealers on our website. You can go directly to them and request to be financed through SOCU, or stop in first and get approved then go to them.

What is a simple interest loan?
This means that interest accrues on a daily basis on the amount of the loan (current outstanding principal balance) from the date the interest charges begin until you repay the loan.

Where can I download your smart phone apps?
We have both an Android phone application and iPhone application. They can be downloaded from the app stores.

What is the daily spending limit on a VISA Debit Card?
The limit is $3,000 daily, if you need this amount adjusted please call our card services department at 815-673-5577 Ext. 102.

Is there an annual debit card/credit card fee?
No annual fees.

What is an APR?
APR- Annual Percentage Rate- is the interest rate you will pay on balances annually.

What is EMV?
Stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa -- is a global standard for cards equipped with computer chips and the technology used to authenticate chip card transactions.

Is there a debit/credit card replacement fee?
Yes, $10.00

What is the fee for late payment on a SOCU Visa Credit Card?

What do I do if my credit or debit card is lost or stolen?
Call 815-673-5577 or 1-800-523-4175

When are SOCU Visa Credit Card Payments due?
18th of Every month

How can I make a SOCU Visa Credit Card payment?
Any SOCU Branch Location, Online Banking, EZCardinfo or payment address on statement.

Can I access my Visa information online?
Yes, at EZCardinfo.com or click on your credit card in online banking to take you directly to your credit card login.

Are there balance transfer fees?
No transfer fees.

Are there any rewards offered with a SOCU Visa Credit Card?
Platinum Perks Visa has ScoreCard Reward Points

When should I receive my SOCU Visa Credit Card?
Typically, it takes 10-14 business days to receive a new or reissued credit card.

How can I increase my Visa credit limit?
Apply online, call our Card Services Department, or stop into any SOCU Branch.

How do you achieve good credit?
Always pay your bills on time, every time. Pay late or go over your limit, and you’ll not only pay a fee, but it can appear on your credit report.

Why does my debit card get blocked in Wisconsin at Walmart and Walgreens?
In Wisconsin you need to use your PIN number only at Walmart and Walgreens. Non pin transactions will not process.

What do I do if I am traveling with my Visa Credit Card or Visa Debit Card?
Contact our Card Services Department at 815-673-5577 Ext. 102 to let them know you will be traveling. They will notate the account and watch for alerts that may block the card.

Can I change my pin number on my credit card like I can on my debit card?
Unfortunately this cannot be reset in the same regard. The pin number must be resent to you in the mail.

How do I write out a check?
All employees are here to help, so ask any employee you see. Otherwise watch this short video to learn how to write out a check.

Where can I find wiring instructions?
Wiring instructions can be found on our forms and documents page. If you need help with a wire please call our accounting department at 815-673-5577 Ext. 100

I submitted my bill pay and the payee is saying they didn’t receive it. Who do I contact?
SOCU’s Bill Pay Support's phone number is 877-547-1714

How can I change the name, address, or phone number on my account?
To change your address or phone number, you can do so conveniently through online banking. After logging in, click the "Profile" tab, and select "Change Address" on the left. You can also stop into any branch to sign a change of address form, or have the form mailed to you.

If you have legally changed your name, stop in to one of our locations with your updated ID and proof of the name change (court issued document or marriage license).

How can I use my Scorecard Points?
Get a reduced rate of .50% on a loan, get an increased rate of .50% on a certificate of deposit, attend one of our bus trips with a waived fee by using scorecard points, get merchandise such as a camera, charcoal grill, or kitchen items using your score card rewards, use the points for travel such as a flight, car rental or hotel stay or donate to charity.

How much is needed to open a checking account?
It doesn't cost anything to open a checking, as long as you have one share in savings ($1).

How can I be negative when I do not have courtesy overdraft protection?
Some merchants only authorize a smaller portion of a total sale. The authorization can clear but if there are not enough funds for the full amount the member can go negative.

What happened to the ATM at Trainor BP in Pontiac?
Our ATM at Trainor BP (located at 319 W Howard St. Pontiac, IL) was removed and replaced with a Trainor BP owned ATM.

Please be advised this ATM is not surcharge free for members and is not owned or operated by SOCU. Our nearest ATM is our Pontiac Branch ATM located at 610 S Newport Rd., it is surcharge free for members. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Do you provide notary services?
Effective 1/1/17 SOCU no longer offers notary public services.


What are the two credit cards offered by SOCU?
Visa Platinum Edge Card - as low as 13.9% fixed rate with limits $500.00- $4999.99 & Visa Platinum Perks Card - as low as 10.9% fixed rate with limits $5000.00-$15000.00

How are the minimum payment amounts calculated?
For an Visa Platinum Edge card the payment is calculated by taking the outstanding balance x 3%. For an Visa Platinum Perks card the payment is calculated by taking the outstanding balance x 2%.

Payment options for a Credit Card

  1. Transfer from SOCU account to Credit Card- online or by phone
  2. Create an External Payment on SOCU's online banking and transfer to credit card
  3. SOCU Online banking- click on cards/ manage card- links into EZCardinfo.com without signing into EZCardinfo
  4. EZCardinfo.com- offers both reoccurring/ single use payments
  5. ACH
  6. Pay by phone with Visa 800-322-8472 ($10.00 fee)
  7. Mail a check/ money order to SOCU
  8. Mail a check to Visa
  9. Pay in person at any branch
  10. SOCU.org- payment by debit card ($10.00 fee)

How long does it take to start earning credit from a credit card?
6 months

When are Visa payments due and can I change my due date?
All Visa payments are due on the 18th of the month. Payment due dates cannot be changed.

How long does it take for my payment to be applied to my card?
Mailing to Visa takes approximately 7-10 business days- Submitting a payment online takes up to 3 business days – Making a payment in branch takes up to 3 business days.

What is Visa ScoreCard?
ScoreCard rewards is a rewards program offered to Visa Platinum Perks cardholders (Edge cardholders do not receive these rewards). SOCU Platinum Perks cardholders earn 1 point for every $1 spent in purchases. These points can be redeemed for merchandise, activities, and travel. Members can visit ScoreCardRewards.com to signup, view their points, and start redeeming.

What is EZCardinfo?
24/7 online access to view Visa transactions, make payments, and set up alerts.

What are the three kinds of Mobile Pay?
Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay

Can I change my Visa Credit Card PIN number?
Yes, by calling 1-866-297-3408 (only if you know your previous PIN number.) If you do not know your original PIN number, you must get mailed the original number first then you can contact 1-866-297-3408 to change the PIN number.

Can I contact SOCU to get my PIN number given to me?
No, SOCU does not know your PIN number.

Can I do a Cash Advance on my Visa Credit Card?
Yes, up to the available amount on the card. Interest starts immediately when doing a cash advance. A cash advance can be done in any SOCU branch or at an ATM. If done at the ATM you must know your PIN number, limits may apply, and a $2.50 fee will be charged.

Are SOCU’s Visa Credit Cards instant issue?
No, not at this time but it is something that will be coming in the future!

How long does it take to get my card in the mail?
7-14 business days

Do I have to activate my card once I get it?
Yes, you can contact SOCU to activate or call the 1-800 number on the card sticker.

What is the fee for a replacement card if I lost mine?

Do I need to contact SOCU if I am traveling and planning to use my Visa Credit Card?
Yes, it’s always a good idea to let us know when you are traveling so we know that out of town or state charges aren’t suspicious and it will help us to monitor charges.

If I upgrade from a Visa Platinum Edge card to a Visa Platinum Perks card will my card number change?
Yes, you will get a whole new card number but previous activity on your edge card will be transferred over to your new perks card.

If I get a new card number and get a refund back on my old card, do the funds get applied to the new card?
Yes, the refunded amount will be credited to the new card.

Is there a fee to do a balance transfer?

What documentation do I need to do a balance transfer?

  1. Balance transfer form
  2. Statement of what is being paid off
  3. Full card number or account number of what is being paid off

What if I don’t have enough funds available for the full transfer?
Simply apply for a visa increase up to $15,000.00 total credit line.

How long does it take for a transfer to go through?
Once our card services team processes the transfer, it will take 3-5 business days for electronic payoffs and 7-10 business days if a check has to be cut for payoff.

What happens when the balance transfer promotional term expires?
Any unpaid balance still left at the end of the promotional term will revert to the original visa rate. (13.9% if it is an Edge card and 10.9% if it is a Perks card)

Will my Visa balance before the balance transfer also be at the promotional rate?
No, only the amount of the transfer will be at the promotional rate. Also, all purchases after the balance transfer will be at the regular Visa rate.

Will I be charged a fee for paying the balance transfer off early?
No, why would we penalize you for doing a fantastic job at paying off your debt?