How do I sign up for RDC?
Go to SOCU’s Mobile App and click on the “Mobile Deposit” tab at the bottom. An online Remote Deposit Application will pop up, fill out your personal information and click the “Send Request” button for this service.

Is this service available on Business, League, and Club accounts?
Unfortunately, no it is not.

How do I know if I’m approved for this service?
You will receive this message letting you know SOCU received your request. “Thank you for applying for Mobile Remote Deposit Capture. Your application will be reviewed and you will be receiving an email regarding the status within 2 business days.”

Why did I receive a message that says “Access not permitted. Your account is not configured for Remote Deposit. Please contact the Credit Union for more information, or request access online now.”?
This means SOCU did not approve the request for Remote Deposit Capture.

Once I’ve been approved for RDC, how do I deposit a check?
Easy… First Login to your mobile app

  • Click on the “Mobile Deposit” tab
  • Click “Make a Deposit”
  • Click “Deposit to:” and decide if the deposit will be going into the savings or checking account
  • Click “Amount” and enter the amount of the check
  • Click on the camera button to take a photo of the front of the check
  • Click the next camera button to take a photo of the back of the check…
    o before taking a picture of the back of the check you MUST endorse the check.
    o The endorsement signature must read “For Mobile Deposit Only, Streator Onized Credit Union” If the check isn’t endorsed this way, the deposit will be rejected.
  • After completing the steps above, you are ready to Click “Deposit”!

How will I know that my deposit was successfully submitted to SOCU?
You will get an email letting you know your deposit has been received. SOCU may evaluate the images and return. Information about any corrections or concerns. A second email will follow to advise if the deposit has been approved or rejected.

Will my check go into my account immediately?
No, in order for your funds to be available the same day you must have the deposit submitted by no later than 2pm. As long as the check you deposited was approved, it will be available in your account shortly after 3:00pm. If the mobile deposit is done on Saturday or Sunday, the funds will be deposited shortly after 3:00pm on Monday.

Why would a hold be put on my check?
SOCU must follow the same check review process and guidelines with RDC as they do at any branch location.

What do I do with my check once it has been deposited into my account?
You must keep the original check for 90 days after the deposit has been made. After 90 days have passed you can shred your check.

Can I look up a check that has been deposited through RDC?
Yes, you would go to “Deposit History” to look up an old check. You can look at the past 90 days of deposit history.