When the Federal Reserve raised its interest rates late last year, most mortgage rate prognosticators saw it as a sure sign that home-loan rates would finally rise meaningfully. In fact, just the opposite has happened. The average rate on the popular 30-year fixed loan is now at its lowest level of the year and could potentially head lower into new record territory.

It's impossible to know how timing will play out, but I definitely see the ingredients in place for new all-time lows sometime soon," said Matthew Graham, chief operating officer of Mortgage News Daily. "It actually concerns me how convinced I am that this will happen eventually.*

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Full NMLS Number List

Below is our full list of loan officers that also have NMLS numbers.

NMLS Number Name Branch
809933 Albert,Mandi Northpoint
11575802 Alexander, Lisa Streator
1638945 Barickman, Melanie Streator
1574345 Blasco, Carolyn Streator
1694815 Christopherson, Lorene Streator
539041 Coleman, Stephanie Morris
442099 Conner, Kristine Northpoint
539826 Cox, Christine Pontiac
1537539Cribbett, Katrina Dwight
1667278Danko, Alexander Northpoint
1660987Davis, Christopher Streator
1602994Elmore, Brianna Northpoint
528567 Fechter, JeanieStreator
1273125Hart, Elizabeth Northpoint
1660986Hinthorn, Krystal Pontiac
539824 Holland, JessicaStreator
1660985 Huichapa, YulianaStreator
528569 Iverson, DianaPontiac
1537542Johnson, Tracy Streator
1537540Kahne, Kathryn Streator
442098Keith, Jennifer Streator
539823 Kern, Ryan Streator
1575801 Kohrt, James Streator
528564 Kusnerick, Angela Streator
442094 Lawless, PaulaStreator
1184498Lopez, Steven Streator
528568 Lucas, KathleenNorthpoint
1672622Malmassari, Amie Streator
1492297Matas, Cassie Streator
442097 McBride, SandraNorthpoint
1574355 Potter, LorriPontiac
864362Rhynes, Ashli Northpoint
1615598Ritko, Tracy Streator
1602995Sharisky, Tiffany Northpoint
864361 Sibert, LornaDwight
1574346Sampson, Brittany Northpoint
1393029Serby, Brenna Northpoint
757257Shelly, Amy Streator
1184499Sims, Krystle Northpoint
1674915Smith, Hallie Northpoint
1574344Stash, Carol Streator
1663349Stillwell, Dana Streator
1666084Tincher, Lindsay Streator
1402302 Threadgill , Trent Northpoint
1537543Travers, Betty Streator
1143785Tutko, Ashley Northpoint
1414783 Warren, Jessica Pontiac
1575800 Woosley, Sonia Streator
539829 Watenpaugh, Chantell Dwight

*Source: Diana Olick