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Staff & Board

Our Executive Team, Branch Managers, Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee are listed below. Our Board of Directors are voted in by our members, because members own SOCU. Our Executive Team has over 70+ years experience in the credit union world. This has resulted in tremendous growth over the last decade at SOCU.


Serving members is what we do best! Our Executive Team is constantly striving to meet the needs of our members in our surrounding communities.

Picture of Doug Patterson

Doug Patterson
Chief Executive Officer
3 Years

Picture of Cheryl Davis

Cheryl Davis
Chief Financial Officer
35 Years

Picture of Angie Kusnerick

Angie Kusnerick
Chief Operations Officer
13 Years

Picture of Mandi Gillman

Mandi Gillman
Chief Lending Officer
27 Years

Picture of Andrew Threadgill

Andrew Threadgill
Chief Information Officer
13 Years

Branch Managers

In Streator, Dwight, Pontiac, Ottawa, and Morris, our branch managers seek to serve and meet the needs of our growing membership!

Picture of Chris
Chris Cox
Streator Branch Manager
Picture of Kris
Kris Conner
Streator Assistant Branch Manager
Picture of Diana
Diana Iverson
Pontiac Branch Manager
Picture of Jessica
Krystal Hinthorn
Pontiac Assistant Branch Manager
Picture of Chantell
Chantell Watenpaugh
Dwight Branch Manager
Picture of Elizabeth
Elizabeth Eggenberger
Dwight Assistant Branch Manager
Picture of Dayna
Dayna Manegold
Morris Branch Manager
Picture of Cathleen
Cathleen Allen
Morris Assistant Branch Manager
Picture of Anthony
Anthony Sonne-Williams
Ottawa Branch Manager
Picture of Sarah
Sarah Finley
Ottawa Assistant Branch Manager

Managers & Supervisors

Our Managers & Supervisors work behind the scenes (and in our communities) to build, grow, and serve our membership base!

Picture of Aaron
Aaron Dowding
Network Administrator
Picture of Ashli
Ashli Rhynes
Call Center Manager
Picture of Brandon
Brandon Cinotto
Accounting Manager
Craig Nettleingham
Maintenance Supervisor
Picture of Dana
Dana Stillwell
Director of Marketing
Picture of Jamie
Jamie Williamson
Payment Solutions Manager
Picture of Jordan
Jordan Harcharik
Training Supervisor
Picture of Kari
Kristi Rodriguez
Teller Supervisor
Picture of Lori
Lori Krominga
Pontiac Teller Supervisor
Picture of Rebecca
Rebecca Underhill
Mortgage Manager
Picture of Ryan
Ryan Kern
Human Resources Manager
Picture of Sandy
Sandy McBride
Mortgage Loan Officer
Picture of Scott
Scott Bottcher
Indirect Loan Manager
Picture of Scott
Scott Ingram
Facilities Manager

Board Of Directors
Scott Bulthuis, Chairperson
Harry Godfrey, Vice-Chairperson
Nathan Darrow, Secretary
Tony Miles, Treasurer
Mike Ralph
Robert A Lee II
Donald Luckey

Associate Board Members
Scott Carpenter
Patrick Montgomery
Robert P Walter

Supervisory Committee
Scott Carpenter, Chairperson
Patrick Montgomery
Kevin Vickers
Robert P Walter
Jamie Gahm
Afton Caulkins

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