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This page is dedicated to alerting members to upcoming maintenance, construction or events that may affect normal banking hours or services. If an important update is posted it will display on the top of the website.

📱Online Banking Maintenance Downtime Notice July 24th

We are excited to bring you new online banking features! On Wednesday, July 24th online banking, mobile banking & phone apps will be down for upgrades. All systems will be available Thursday, July 25th. Learn More about new features & this maintenance.

⛱️ Summer Skip ⛱️ is back & better than ever!

NO MONEY DUE NOW! Simply add your $29 fee to the loan being skipped*

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*All other terms and provisions of the original agreement are unchanged and remain in full effect. Deferring your payments will extend the term(s) of your loan(s). Interest will continue to accrue during the month you skip your payment. In some cases, based on the size of your balance, the interest which accrues may be greater than the amount of your next payment. It may take several months to begin to reduce your principle balance. Fees subject to change - refer to the current fee schedule at time of execution.

Fraud Notice

Due to high levels of fraud, you may be required to use your PIN number with Debit Card transactions.

SOCU suggests to always use your debit card as credit and sign for your transaction, if you are unsure how to do this, please ask the cashier at the store. If your card is declined, rerun the transaction on your card. This time you will process the transaction as debit and enter your PIN number for extra security. It is not recommended to use your PIN number for every transaction.

If you are unsure of your PIN number, please contact the SOCU at 815-673-5577. It is always a good idea to have alternative forms of payment available, Enroll your Debit card for Mobile Pay, apply for an SOCU Visa Credit Card or order a box of checks to avoid/limit disruptions with your purchases.

If you have any questions please contact SOCU at 815-673-5577.

Fraud Alert Improvements

2-Way Email and Text Messaging communications for Visa Credit Card fraud alerts are coming July 2016. Please update your personal information for your credit card account on or notify the Plastics Department of any changes to your account. If you have any question please call the Plastics Department.