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Equifax Hack - Here is what you need to do

Equifax has discontinued their free monitoring linked below.

Although SOCU does not report our member information to Equifax you may still be affected by this latest major breach of consumer information. On Thursday, Equifax released its findings on a hack of over 143 million consumer's personal information. Here is what you need to do according to CNN Money to find out if you were affected.

First, check if you were affected by the breach. Use the link below to search your information in Equifax to find out if your information was compromised.

Second, sign up for free credit monitoring through Equifax for a year. To sign up use the link below to sign up for Trusted Id Premier

Third, check your current credit report for free. The government allows one free credit report a year. To check any current fraud you can check your report below for free.

Check My Credit Report

Lastly, if you do see fraud on your credit report, place a Fraud Alert on your credit reports. This will require all lenders to verify your identity before credit is issued.

Place a fraud alert on your Credit Account

If you have any questions about your SOCU account or credit report please feel free to contact us. SOCU does not use nor endorses any Equifax products, this information is meant as a general guideline. Please contact Equifax directly to clarify any steps you should take to resolve potential fraud.

Source: Lobosco, Katie. “How to find out if you're affected by the Equifax hack.” CNNMoney, Cable News Network, 7 Sept. 2017, money.cnn.com/2017/09/07/pf/victim-equifax-hack-how-to-find-out/index.html. Accessed 8 Sept. 2017.