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Debit & Credit Card Security Tips

SOCU's Card Services Representative Brittany Sampson has compiled some best practice tips for safely using and securing your debit card.

1. Know where your card/cards are at all times
If you do not know where your cards are contact: SOCU at 815-673-5577- we can put a temporary or permanent block on the card. Visa Debit at 800-523-4175 Visa Credit at 800-325-3678

2. Do not keep your card in a locked or unlocked vehicle
Due to a large number of thefts, it is a best practice to keep your cards, purse, and or wallet in a safe and secure place. Your vehicle is not one of them.

3. Your Debit or Credit Card should only be used by the cardholder.

4. Use your Debit Card as credit and sign for the purchase
To avoid a $1.00 charge. If the transaction will not go through and you have the funds available rerun the transaction as debit, enter your pin number, and the transaction should authorize. If it does not authorize at this time, Please contact SOCU at 815-673-5577.

5. SOCU and Visa will not ask you for your card number
Be careful when giving card numbers out over the phone. Do not give your card number to a business or merchant if they are contacting you by phone. Contact the merchant or business to process the transaction if it is a legitimate purchase. If you think something sounds suspicious contact SOCU right away 815-673-5577.