SOCU Plans Cash Cab, Events to Celebrate Pontiac Location

July 27th, 2016

Pontiac, Ill. - It's been half a decade since Streator Onized Credit Union opened up its doors at its location on Newport Road and the financial institution its success is something to share with the community. Beginning next Monday, SOCU has organized a series of events to help celebrate five years of business at its location on the western edge of town.

Although the Pontiac branch was opened in 2011, the credit union's services were available long before that. In October 2005, SOCU expanded into Livingston County by opening a branch in Pontiac at 210 W. Water St. The first branch was much-anticipated by county employees, as the credit union had been providing service to them for years. The Pontiac branch was the third full-service financial institution for the credit union. According to history provided on the SOCU website, "In December of 2010, SOCU began constructing a 4,000 square foot facility. This full-service facility, complete with a drive thru and on-site ATM, was opened in June 2011."

"We still get compliments on our interior design by visitors," said Diana Iverson, senior loan officer at SOCU's Pontiac branch. "Even after five years, everything still looks new."

Since the opening of the new facility, Iverson described business at the facility in one word, "growth." This growth is not only seen by members of the credit union, but by the community as a whole, through a number of different events including the Cash Cab, which was popular in downtown Pontiac in 2012, and the Christmas light show, held at the Pontiac Branch, which followed the city's annual Christmas Light Up Parade last year.

"Everyone enjoys getting involved and going out to do public events," Iverson said. "And there are a number of local groups we're a part of. Whether its walking in local parades or helping out the Livingston County Sheriff's Police F.O.P. Lodge 186, or even sponsoring a local Relay for Life team, we try to be as involved as we can."

Opening a new chapter in its community involvement, the credit union recently announced a number of activities planned for the week, from Aug. 1 to 6. These include a one-minute, grab-only-what-you-can-throw-in-the-shopping-cart grocery run through Pontiac County Market for a lucky winner on Tuesday, the return of the cash cab on Monday and Thursday, an ice cream giveaway on Wednesday, distributing goodies at Relay for Life Friday and a special cookout to celebrate the anniversary of the credit union building on Saturday.

From left are Jessica Warren, Lori Potter and Diana Iverson
From left are Jessica Warren, Lori Potter and Diana Iverson.

"For this year's cash cab, we will have a celebrity driver as the announcer," Iverson said. "It may be Marty Heller, or Todd Wineburner from the radio, or someone completely different. You never know who will be picking you up."

To increase the odds of being picked for a chance in the Cash Cab, Iverson said it's important to be downtown around noon on Monday. Before the Cash Cab arrives, she said volunteers are going to be going around asking people if they would like to participate. On Thursday, the only other scheduled day for the Cash Cab, it was suggested to be downtown around 5 p.m. She was less revealing what subjects the questions might touch upon.

"It might be about the credit union, the city, local businesses, or something else," Iverson said. "You don't have to be a member of the credit union to play, so look like you're interested in winning some money next week and you may get that chance — the more creative, the better."

As someone who has worked with SOCU for more than five years, Iverson said it still is enjoyable to come into the Pontiac facility.

"I like coming to work and I like helping the members out, especially the members that really need help," Iverson said. "There are times that people have come to us with no other avenue for financial assistance and sometimes we can help them out. That feeling of appreciation, knowing you truly helped someone better their lives, is something that never gets old."

The activity of events scheduled for next week includes:

  • Monday, Aug. 1 — Cash Cab begins at noon with the SOCU Mobile in downtown Pontiac.
  • Tuesday, Aug. 2 — Supermarket Sweep will be held at County Market. The winner, to be announced, has a chance to run through the aisles of County Market in Pontiac and win $500 worth of groceries.
  • Wednesday, Aug. 3 — The Prairie Farms Ice Cream truck will be in downtown Pontiac on Madison Street from noon to 2 p.m.
  • Thursday, Aug. 4 — The cash cab begins downtown at 5 p.m.
  • Friday, Aug. 5 — SOCU will be in attendance at the Livingston County Relay for Life at Pontiac Township High School. The credit union will offer light-up goodies and blue balloons filled with prizes.
  • Saturday, Aug. 6 — The five-year anniversary celebration event will be held at the SOCU Pontiac Branch, 610 Newport Road, from 1 to 3 p.m. The event will feature a cash giveaway every 15 minutes and will include games, a bounce house, cook-out food, temporary tattoos and car karaoke in the credit union's parking lot.