SOCU Announces Conversion to Corelation Keystone

May 17th, 2017


STREATOR, IL, May 16, 2017– Following a two-year process of investigating core software vendors, SOCU has selected the Corelation Keystone platform, with an official contract signed on December 28, 2016. Full conversion of core software to the Keystone platform will be completed on April 1, 2018. SOCU utilized numerous outside resources, including a Core Consultant, Board Members, and Credit Union Professionals to gather data and aide in the process.

Internally a team comprised of managers and supervisors worked diligently to review and secure all possible products available on the market. Thanks to everyone’s efforts SOCU feels that the best vendor was selected for the task of bringing SOCU into the future.

Corelation Keystone has become a growing success in the credit union industry and SOCU hopes to leverage their open API, user-friendly interface, and automated processes to gain efficiencies and features currently unavailable to employees and members. Based in San Diego, California and founded by core software alum, John Landis, Corelation leverages emerging technologies and a bold development team to deliver an exceptional suite of products for the credit union industry.

Members can expect minimal impact during the scope of the project, with some subsequent closings occurring around the conversion date of April 1, 2018. Any disruption in service will be posted well in advance throughout multiple media channels.
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If you would like more information about how this conversion may affect you, please contact Andrew Threadgill at 815-673-1589 or email at

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