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Refinance Your Auto Loan!

Are your car payments taking a big bite out of your budget? Then it's time to put the pedal down on your SOCU Membership. Bring your auto loan from another vendor to us! You'll be surprised how much you can save simply by refinancing!

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What you'll need:

  • 10-day payoff from your current financial institution
  • Vehicle mileage
  • Copy of the vehicle registration

Vehicle Fees: When refinancing a vehicle from a different financial institution, appropriate fees will need to be paid by the member.

  • Add SOCU’s lien on the title: $50 to Secretary of State and one blue form
  • Adding a name or making a change to the title: $53 to Secretary of State and two blue forms
  • Removing a name from the title: $53 to Secretary of State, 2 blue forms signed by the person staying on the title, and an Affirmation of Correction signed by the person coming off
  • You decide if you would like to include the fees in the finance amount or pay out of pocket.