Member Feedback

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Ron P

Since building the Pontiac facility, my family and I feel like apart of their family. Everyone is courteous, friendly and all greet you with a smile. The ladies will go out of there way to help with all of your banking needs. SOCU also has this thing of going the extra mile with various charities locally. Though it is Streator Onized Credit Union, it is Pontiac's Streator Onized Credit Union.

Shawna F

All staff at Socu both locations always go above and beyond for all their customers! They are all so friendly and helpful! Thank you for all you do to help this community SOCU! I love both locations, the new one is so modern! I go to both locations and always receive excellent treatment!

Florence B

Besides being a driving force in our community and raising money for some wonderful organizations they too are top notch with customer service! Personally for me, I was out of state and making a purchase and my card was declined, I was not surprised due to the dollar amount I charged, so I called SOCU and asked for the Visa Debit Dept and they were able to work with Visa and have my transaction go through. I love that they are always on the look out for fraud and very helpful when you have problems with transactions!

Runga V

I've banked with SOCU since I opened my very first savings account at age 16. Definitely where I'll recommend anyone looking for great customer service!

Matthew E

We switched our banking to SOCU because Regions left Pontiac. So far it has been a great experience. Refinanced our car loan with no problems. We decided to stick with SOCU when we needed to replace our car.

Joe T

Great bank. Switched to them when my bank refused to give me a car loan after I had already had one prior and never missed a payment. They now get all my business.

Julie C

I've been banking here for over 20 yrs. Always protect my accounts. When I have a problem I call right away and it's taken care of. I always recommend SOCU!

Alex P

Big shout out to Streator Onized Credit Union for their fast work on getting my money back after someone hacked my PayPal account. Got everything back in less than 4 hours. Thank you!

Shea G

I've always had good personal experiences, but just today had an even better experience on behalf of the Woodland PTO. SOCU ran a Facebook promo in October in which each like to their page earned us $1. The last week, they changed it to $2 per like. We ended up at $548, which was such a fantastic surprise! Today, I met several of the very generous employees for a photo op at Woodland, to find they bumped it to a $600 donation! Very proud to be a part of the same community with such a giving and generous institution!

Kathi M

Although I'm not a member, I had a great customer experience yesterday! I forgot to renew my car registration sticker OOPS! I stopped in at my credit union, and they don't offer that service. So, I ran to SOCU. They not only called a business to make sure they could renew it for me (so I didn't have to drive around on an expired tag) they then ran out as I was getting in my car, to tell me of Lori's Mailboxes offering that service, just down the road! How awesome is THAT!

Noell B

I have been w/SOCU since I was a teenager, and I always receive exceptional service!

Penny O

In my 50 something years I have never had such a wonderful experience dealing with a bank. I am so thrilled to have SOCU as my bank. Thank you!!!

Chris P

Hands down the most active credit union serving the community. Not just a financial institution, but a gleaming bright spot in Streator and in the other nearby locations as well. Member since 1990

Julie P

Best place to bank. SOCU rocks. They are kind pleasant and very helpful always willing to help with loans and banking needs

Meg M

I've been banking with them since I was little. My grandma, dad and mom set up my savings account. They love it just as much as much. I'll start my future kids an account one day. Love the customer service the most!!

Mary D

I love this bank! Very kind, considerate and helpful employees! I will always refer people to y'all!

Jeffrey A

Great place to bank !!! Been a member for many years now !!!

Julie T

I love this bank!!! The friendly people always doing the best they can for you. I recently had an issue and SOCU help get it worked out . Could not be more happy. Thank you SOCU for everything you do!

Debbie H

Best financial institution around, I have been banking here for over 30yrs. Staff is great and dedicated to helping the community.

Laura G

Best bank by far! I've been a member all my life! Wouldn't bank anywhere else!

Dennis S

I have only banked here for a little while now but so far have had no complaints!! The staff is always cheerful and readily to help anytime I walk in...thanks for being great ladies and gentlemen!!

Jennifer M

Great bank...they gave me my first car loan even when i wasn't a member and my own bank wouldn't after 10 years of service. So I switched to SOCU and have had great experiences ever since.

Rosy T

I am an active member from the Pontiac branch. I just want to say that I think that branch has to be the best bank I have ever worked with. They are all so courteous and respectful to me and as well as others that go Into their bank.