Online Banking Upgrade Maintenance

We are excited to bring you new online banking features! On Wednesday, July 24th online banking, mobile banking & phone apps were all upgraded to a new and improved system. Become familiar with our new features below! Please call us at 800-595-2454 for any questions, comments, or concerns.

We upgraded to serve you better
New Features Out Now!

How to use our new features!

Member to member transfers

Need to send money to a friend, family member or neighbor that also bank at SOCU? We've just made it easier!

  1. Obtain account number and last name (as appears on account) from the member you are sending funds to.
  2. From online banking or your app click Member to member transfer
  3. Click the add button
  4. Enter in the display name (this is the name you are using to identify this account) Example: "Son's Account"
  5. Enter in the required information
  6. Go to account transfer screen and choose your from account and select your newly added member transfer account.
  7. Select funds and click Start Transfer

Mobile Billpay Enhancements

Our mobile billpay is now more mobile friendly. Add & edit accounts from inside our apps without worrying about scrolling in a broken mobile browser window. This change will be out automatically on July 25th, you do not have to do anything to get this enhancement.

Custom Account Names

Simplify your life by naming your savings, checking or loan accounts whatever you decide. Get rid of the confusion of trying to remember what account number goes to what account!

  1. Using online banking on a computer or mobile browser login into your account (cannot be changed in app).
  2. Click Profile then choose Change Account Descriptions
  3. Enter in the names you would like to use for your accounts & click Update.
  4. Names will change across apps and online banking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Ask us on social media or by phone!

Q: Will direct deposits be affected by this downtime?
A: No, all deposits will remain unaffected. If you would like to check on your deposit call us at 800-595-2454.